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Last Update: 8-12-2015
ConstructionProjects' Director

Doctor Mahdi Moghimi

1. Studying, planning, coordination, selection and implementation of projects provided in educational spaces at the University, including:

Studying, preliminary design, calculations and executive drawings by experts - efficient use of consultants

Cost Estimation local projects

Tenders, technical evaluation and selection of qualified contractors

Providing maps and documentation for projects to contractors

2. Effective and targeted monitoring the implementation of the treaty and trust projects include:

Supervision of implementation construction projects, contractors and consultants.

Weekly meetings with contractors and consultants to solve problems and accelerate the implementation of projects

Precise examination of temporary and definitive legal contractors during the and write to Finance

Carrying out temporary and final project delivery

Checking proper performance of the contractor

3. Periodic visiting of the collection and studying of existing problems and providing solutions

Attending meetings of the Technical Council departments and health centers covered

Checking the problems existing in the different training, student complexes

Tasks related to the overhaul and maintenance of subsidiary complexes

4. Ongoing relationships with donors Assembly of the university and support from donors respected for priority projects based on the needs assessment include:

Participating in meetings of donors

Correspondence and follow-up to provide the necessary funds of projects which are in the form of partnerships with universities.

Arrangements to improve monitoring of Projects of donors

Periodic meetings with donors and respected by their agents, construction projects and provide guidance and solutions to solve the existing problems

5. Project management and documentation of experiences

Prepare daily, weekly, monthly reports

Providing a complete archive of all plans and documentation for the projects

Create a database and gather information from all schools and students of universities

Technical and inter-sectorial coordination meetings to study and solve the existing problems

The Exploitation of the principles of value engineering

6. Promoting and increasing the quality and quantity of experts, including

Experts in specialized conferences, classes and courses



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