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Director of Administrative and Support

Ms. Farzaneh Emami 

Director of Administration and Support

Determining the policies and supervising the implementation of administrative activities of the university.

Implementation of policies regarding the administrative, employment and support affairs

Drawing up and preparation of regulations, circulars and administrative guidelines required to be submitted to the concerned authorities in accordance with University regulations and legislation and informing all units about them after confirmation.

Take the implementation of disciplinary rules into consideration and investigate offenses and referral to the staff to handle administrative violations

Study in the job classification of employees jobs and provide amendment comments and suggestions to the concerned authorities, in cooperation with planning and budget management, budget development and the management of the university.

Determine the occupational field of organizational posts regarding the job classification schemes.

Cooperation with the concerned departments in order to provide the manpower required at the University

Administrative and Recruitment affairs of the faculty members and non-academic staff.

Creating and maintaining the database of the personnel and service and administrative records the all personnel at the University

  Procurement and supply of equipment required for the various units of the University and order inside and outside the country in full coordination with the concerned departments.

Monitoring the all affairs of service and support and submit it to various units of the University.

Preparation of the plans for the general welfare of the staff and supervising the implementation of the projects.

Planning and monitoring good governance campus recruitment methods.

Monitor the proper implementation of Recruitment regulations and to provide necessary guidance.

Cooperation in the Drawing up and preparation of and modification of job descriptions, organizational charts and posts of the University with the planning management, budget and development management of the university.

Supervision of attendance, full-time plan, overtime and appointment of employees (faculty members and non-academic staff).

Participation in the meetings and various commissions and to comment and offer necessary suggestions.

Address the welfare and pension and make the proper decisions.


Cooperation with security the protection of buildings, property and installations.

    Participating in Drawing up and preparation of the personnel budget for the staff.

  Perform other duties assigned by superiors.

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