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Duties of Cellar



1. Cooperation with storage affairs, cooperation to simplify the system and improve procedures in warehouses as well

2. Cooperation In order to improve forms, regarding the storage,

3. The classification and processing of information, regarding the storage

4. The assessment of needs of the units

5. Control and supervision of the orders

6. Cooperation for work assessment of the jobs in the warehouses

7. Cooperation to evaluate the inventory and the pricing

8. Check out the archiving documents and the documents for the storage

9. The supervision and managing affairs of the warehouses

10. Cooperation in order to develop human resources in warehouses

11. Control the affairs of warehouses preparation

12. The establishment and implementation of the various systems in warehouses

Implementation of output system of goods from the warehouse

Providing the statistics of the stocks in the warehouse

15. Record the purchase and consumption of goods

Preparation of the inventory of the warehouse

17. Preparation of inventories of warehouse and resolve discrepancies

18. Effective communication with other concerned units and the preparation of periodic reports




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