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Duties of Financial Secretariat



  • The department is working under direct supervision of Director of Finance.
  • Typing the reports of payment department at the end of each month to the concerned organizations, such as social security, the Pension, property, etc.

• Preparation of the letters of deductions such as loan fund, consumer cooperative employees... and typing the Office reports of payment office on the deductions related the aforementioned.

• Typing the commitment of loans and letters of guarantee for personnel.

• Archiving letters.

• Preparation and typing of personnel’s deduction letters to submit them to the insurance organizations and etc.

• Preparation and type of the letters for introduction of contractors to social security and Finance.

• Preparation and typing and sending the check for legal deductions of the contract with the official letters to the relevant organizations.

• At the time when Contract Expires, typing a general contractor operation to introduce to the social security to obtain recoupment account.

• Typing the release of a good performance deposit and guarantees of contractors based on rules and regulations.

• Numbering and sending notification of the credit for financial agents.

• Preparation of joint accounts documents.

  • Writtng out the check which will be deposited.

• Numbering the Letters.

• Introducing the staff for opening a current account with the Bank of Commerce.

• Preparing financial director meetings.

• Distribution of the letters to the respective unit.

• Answering to phone calls and following up the cases on the phone.

• Typing the letters of property, inspection, revenue, payment.

• Typing and preparation of contractors’ deductions such as insurance and asset.

• Sending e-mail to the central secretariat and the letters of miscellaneous units.

• Entering information on the invoices of the relevant year in the accounting system.

• Faxes and receive theletters by fax.


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