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Duties of Incoming Center


Regarding to the growing trend of the University of Zanjan's different aspects and consequently financial and credit affairs, department of revenue was established in 2003 in order to the specializing and applying appropriate controls related to Receipts from current, exclusive and  construction funds and revenues of the University. In general, the activities of the department can be defined around three topics as follows:

  • All the affairs considering the approved current, construction and allocated funds

• All the affairs related to students' tuition fees and autonomous courses

• All the internal affairs of revenue of the University

University approved credits

With regard to the increase in university credits every year and the need for follow them up and also the necessary controls, In order to receive timely allocation of funds and the necessary controls must be regular and accurate which are part of department of revenue duties. So after receiving the allocation, all the affairs of requests and sending it to the provincial treasury, tracking and receiving funds transferred to the account, issuing accounting documents related to deposit into the account of the university and also switching between accounts, controlling the credit balance after receiving each allocation and controlling the specific income ceiling are part of the work done in this regard.

Students’ tuition of evening and autonomous courses

• receive tuition rates approved by the Board of Trustees and Ministry of Science


• calculate the exact prices of units in terms of public courses, basic and specialized (practical and theoretical) on the basis of the year of admission

• Calculate the evening and autonomous tuition rates approved by resolution, course, degree (fees vary depending on the type of course or field)

• Get tuition these students and control their accounts regarding the debt and credit debt and the credit


Other measures taken in this part automating the calculation process, receive, maintain and control a student account which was started in 1382 and is has been significant progress in completing the repair of the software. And now this process to achieve a comprehensive software useful ... To be continued without defect, God willing

Internal affairs of university revenue

Internal revenue usually comes from legal agreements with people in person or by proxy. Such as the sale of livestock products and Crops from the faculty of agriculture, the earnings from the assignment of places like bakery shops and other poultry farming halls.

The executive process is as follows:


First, the text was prepared by the Law Office of considering the legal aspects. It should be noted that in these contracts usually “representative of the university is the administrative and financial deputy.

• After signing the contract by both parties, its provisions have been implemented and are sent to the financial management of the university.

• Contract, after the sight of financial management to check, are sent to revenue unit.

Following the necessary documentation with the regard to obtain potential anticipated securities in the contract from the Contractor is proceeded. To realize the earnings (monthly, yearly) the contract of the revenue department will be archived.

Revenues from contracts, on an ongoing basis, monthly or yearly, after the deposit to the account of the university, according to documents, was summed up by the revenue unit and also And the accounting document, drawn up by the same unit in order to record bookkeeping at the offices of the university.


Documents issued are classified and archived after registration in official offices the university.


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