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Duties of IT

  • Fixing hardware and software problems of all systems on the network.
  • Identification of computers on the network.
  • Maintenance and network management.
  • Studying and development of methods to counter viral infections.
  • Communication of network with the University and referral of related bugs of the University.
  • Technical support of all network systems and units.
  • Software support of all applications used on the network and including (office automation, training software, website, absence and attendance, payroll, accounting).
  • Expert processing, purchase, repair and update equipment.
  • IT consulting and guidance and cooperation with managers and staff, electing official available software and hardware and databases and other necessary resources to remove the requirements.
  • Studying products and available systems and offering possible alternatives to responding the specified requirements.
  • Installation, configuration and changing software of networks, databases and other systems.
  • Cooperation in the investigation of requirements and evaluation of potential purchases for compatibility with existing systems.
  • Studying and maintenance of contracts with existing supports and technical supervision.


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