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Duties of Otomation Department


The office of automation staff department is responsible for recording the incoming mails and delivering them to the concerned users in the organization. Regarding the internal and issued letters, officials carry out the activities related to recording thee information and preparing the context of the letters as well as a archiving the letters in the personal files. Uses of the office automation system by the groups are as follows:

Create an issued letter- Create a incoming letter - Create internal letter • Attach scanned context to incoming letters • Assign the letters for verification, confirmation signature or notice and • record the indicator of the letters

• File the letters in personal files


• File the letters in respective classification

• Distribution of the letters

• Receive the internal letters and deliver them to respective units and related assignments

• Scan the official letters and send them through automation

• Provide a list of issued and send letters via post

• The distribution of ancillary items such as newspapers, brochures and notices and messages

• Receive and distribute Student and official mails and distribute them to respective units


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