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Last Update: 8-12-2015
Duties of Planning Department



Collaboration in the development of strategic plans and operational sets

Collection, compilation and maintenance information, documents, statistics and documentation related to planning

Evaluating the performance of various units of Jihad operational programs and provide the necessary reports for the authorities

Participation and contribution in receiving and check the programs and budget proposals and expert review of the proposals

Collecting, preparing reports on program and budget to reflect to superiors

Preparation and presentation of reports on performance of absorption, a single budget allocation and costs budget programs of the units, organizations and subsidiaries in order to present to the relevant authorities

Check the credit, the units have requested and also integrating and coordinating proposed budget of the units

Collaboration in the preparation of the annual budget based on the needs and principles of Jihad activities

Proposals on reforming the budgeting mechanisms of Jihad

Preparing reports on budgeting restrictions of Jihad

Report on budget performance results of Jihad and the budget deviation (periodic and ad hoc)

Preparing analytical reports of budget and program indices of Jihad

Study and comment on the laws and bylaws and provisions of the Budget Law and relevant resolutıon of Jihad

Cooperation with organizations, centers, institutes and affiliated units to jihad in budgeting affairs

Preparation of annual budget report and submit it to superiors of Jihad (periodically, subject, organization, etc.)



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