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Personnel duties



1. Faculty members’ recruitment

Including employment, become employed, promotion, ranking promotion, appointment, training missions and outside the organization, the provisions of annual rise, correspondence with the respective ministry and other organizations in case of need

2. Recruitment of Non-academic members

Including employment, employment status conversion, promotion of the group, including the experience, appointments, provisions of annual rise, correspondence with respective ministry, organization of management and Planning and other organizations if needed

3. Recruitment, attendance and leave of leave of absence.

Control the Attendance systems, calculate the time of presence and report from the systems, delay in the arrival and early checkouts and prepare reports on overtime and calculate the time spent on overtime and report to the finance, including hourly and daily breaks, without pay, sick leaves, half-day mission

4. The recruitment of retirement and insurance transfer

Time calculation and Issuance of notification of Employee and faculty members Retirement

The issuance of retirement mandates and submit to the retirement

To go through the Procedures related to transfer of insurance funds

Personnel archiving of the staff and faculty members

6. Check out the laws, regulations and administrative circulars and providing internal guidelines based on legal provisions



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