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Regulation of Professors' employment

Recruitment bylaws of the faculty members

The official terms for trial to final testing of the faculty members

Promotion bylaws of faculty members of universities, higher education institutions, affiliated universities and research institutes of the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education                         

Terms of promotion of faculty members in the audit board of Zanjan University, approved on 08/10/84

Unpaid leave (Regulations for Employment Of faculty members ...)        

The steps for retirement from the state pension Fund

Terms of conversion from contractual to the official test (Of faculty members)   ا

 Promotion rating of faculty members   

 The procedure to assess the qualifications of faculty members آ              

Bylaws to attract of faculty members

 Summary of regulations of faculty members     

The ratings of the amenities for faculty members in staff welfare

 Faculty members’ scholarship  

 Bylaws of minimum salary of the official members of the faculty (teaching and research) employed and retired employees of universities and institutions of higher education


 Executive Bylaw of cooperatives services of the consultancy management

Bylaw to convene the board of faculty members, recruit faculty members and institutions of higher education approved by the meeting of the supreme revolutionary Cultural Council 608 dated 04.19.86                                       

 Faculty member recruitment bylaws

The bylaws of faculty member recruitment                                          























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