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Regulation of staff employment

Bylaws of non-academic members

Transfer form of insurance deductions

 Issuance form of retirement card

Form of insurance selection


The steps of retirement from the state retirement Pension Fund

Promotion instructions of the experts - Forms - A (81-6)


The bylaw for staff attendance of the government

The act of the government employee savings account approved on 11.26.76, Islamic Consultative Assembly                         

Decree law amending some provisions relating to pensions - working women - families and other staff (the elimination of restriction of three children)


Executive Regulations of breastfeeding promotion and support the mothers during breastfeeding

The judicial protection of government from employees approved on 29.07.76

Clause 81 of the Budget Law Amendment Executive Bylaw 1353 (the cost of food of government staff)               

Cases including administrative violations                              

Employee evaluation form of - experts – managers and base managers                                

Bylaws for Leaves of absence                                    

Non-academic employment bylaws

Flowchart of continuing education program for staff                      

Forms the personnel commitment letter of continuing education            

Forms, 2 to 12 staff promotion bylaws




In the selection of pension fund                                                


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