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Last Update: 6-12-2015
About the Faculty


The Faculty of Humanities began its educational activities in 1991, admitting 43 students in Persian Language and Literature Education courses. This faculty has significantly been developed in terms of academic members (92 permanent staff), research projects, infrastructure and also establishing other courses and departments. Currently, this faculty has 10 departments in which 1960 students in 21 BA courses, 530 students in 32 MA courses and 35 students in 9 PhD courses have enrolled. Faculty of Humanities has engaged in many national and regional research projects regarding Rural and Urban Geography, Management, Literature, Economics, History, Climatology and Philosophy. This faculty hosts a regular annual conference on Ethics and Philosophy.



Persian Language and Literature


Theology-Islamic Nations; Civilization and History

English Language & TEFL


Physical Education and Sports Science

Accounting & Management






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