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International Scientific Cooperation with Switzerland
International Scientific Cooperation University of Zanjan with Switzerland (24-7-2019) view

Membership of the ZNU in the Family Farming Knowledge Platform
Extending international scientific cooperation between the University of Zanjan and the FAO on Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems, Agricultural Sustainable Development  (13-7-2019) view

University of Zanajn Ranked 350-301
University of Zanajn Ranked 350-301 among Asian Universities (11-5-2019) view

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The International Scientific Cooperation Department has responsibility for the development of international activities ranging from developing links and partnerships with research and higher education institutes and businesses overseas, as well as managing relationships with the administrations responsible for international activities in Iranian institutions. This department offers support and expertise to academic departments through the university to encourage their staff and students to promote their international activities. The department also facilities visa application for the international visitors to the university through the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. ...Read More