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International Paleontology Research Project
International Paleontology Research Project between the professor of Zanjan University and the professors of the University of Helsinki (25-9-2018) view

Academic and Scientific Cooperation
Academic and Scientific Cooperation between the University of Diponegoro and University of Zanjan (19-5-2018) view

International Meeting
Annual Steering Committee Meeting and Workshop of UI GrennMetric World University Rankings Network (19-5-2018) view

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The International Scientific Cooperation Department has responsibility for the development of international activities ranging from developing links and partnerships with research and higher education institutes and businesses overseas, as well as managing relationships with the administrations responsible for international activities in Iranian institutions. This department offers support and expertise to academic departments through the university to encourage their staff and students to promote their international activities. The department also facilities visa application for the international visitors to the university through the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. ...Read More
International cooperation
A general agreement on exchange and academic cooperation with the University of Jaén from Spain

The University of Zanjan has signed a general agreement on exchange and academic cooperation with the University of Jaén from Spain on 18 March 2018 .Established in 1993, the University of Jaén is a public institution based in Spain. The University of Jaén offers over 40 degrees in Humanities and Education, Experimental Sciences, Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Law, and Engineering. They are taught in both English and Spanish. Over 60 exchange programmes are available for students who want to experience another university or culture. The institution also has links with the industry, offering internships in more than 500 companies. The Parties agree on the establishment of a teaching/research staff and student exchange program (hereinafter exchange) subject to the provisions of this agreement. According to this agreement, collaboration and exchange and experiences and knowledge as well as the growing relations between the two institutions are of best interest for the social and cultural progress of the aforementioned parties.



Date: 2018-05-20 23:19:46