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Majid Meghdadi

Majid Meghdadi, Parinaz E. Miyandoab, Alireza Fatehimarj
TSGR: Two Stage Geographic Routing in Wireless Sensor Network with Mobile Sink
ارائه یک روش مسیریابی جغرافیایی دو مرحله‌ای در شبکه‌های حسگر بی‌سیم با ایستگاه اصلی متحرک

We consider a wireless sensor network where nodes contain small buffers and low power. In this paper, we propose a novel routing scheme called TSGR in wireless sensor networks with mobile sink. In TSGR, the sink informs its current location only to a minimal number of nodes compared to the existing schemes. Therefore, the sink needs fewer location broadcasts and decreases energy consumption. Our simulation experiments show that TSGR consumes lower energy than the existing routing schemes with comparable end-to-end delay.



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