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Majid Meghdadi

Majid Meghdadi, Saeed Ghasemi
 The Design and Management of Intelligent Systems in Mechanical Domestic Water Meters  
طراحي و مديريت يك سيستم هوشمند در كنتورهاي آب مكانيكي

The design and implementation of mechanical domestic water meters in current industrial organization and intellectual properties have been registered as an invention to solve the problems of current meters. The de-vice operation includes inquiry of printing, subscription connection and disconnection in an emergency. This system includes a software and hardware parts on the users and the control center connecting with two-way mobile phone. Central control software sends the message through the wireless telecommunication lines to the user’s software, requesting the desired information and also provides the commands needed to be sent through the same. The same information can also be submitted to the control center. Through the same way, some of advantages of this method are as follows: installing on existing meters, cheap cost of inquiry call meter, the possibility of declaring illegal manipulation to the control center, the exchange of information us-ing information encoding, and manipulating digital meters applying minor changes.



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