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Mohsen Ahadnejad Reveshty

محسن احدنژاد روشتی، اسماعیل دویران، سعید نجفی
ارزیابی کیفیت زندگی در بافت‌های برنامه‌ریزی شده نواحی شهری (نمونه موردی: محله کارمندان شهر زنجان)
The assessment Quality of Life in planned urban areas (Case Study: Karmandan neighborhood, Zanjan city)

Quality of life is general conceptual framework that defines the scope of the duties, powers and assignments civil administration involves elements and indicators is an important component degradation and the promotion they or lack of one quality of life, define the advantages offered by track. Quality of life of residents in the context of the planned city tasks planners and urban managers. What this study seeks to assess the quality of life in the context of planned Zanjan City Case Study neighborhood Karmandan. Research in this descriptive - analytic and survey. Methods of data gathering in the field using the format of the questionnaire, where 143 households were systematically selected. Data was analyzed by Spss software to achieve different degrees of quality of life in neighborhoods planned Topsis and AHP model are analyzed . results of the study  showed that First quarter neighborhood Karmandan in a desired position indicators in terms of social, cultural, religious, economic, physical and environmental significant differences between Despite being disappointed there is no index. Secondly the quality of life in these neighborhoods, and a significant interaction between the ruler.



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