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Behnam Ghadimi

M. Taghilou, B. Ghadimi, M.H. Seyyedvalilou
Optimization of Double Pipe Pin-fin Heat Exchanger Using Entropy Generation Minimization

In the current work optimization of double pipe fin-pin heat exchanger has been studied. The effective parameters those are controlling the heat exchanger performance are divided in two categories; geometrical and operating conditions. Using the Brent’s optimization algorithm and handling the thermodynamically design concept, one can minimize entropy generation in different length of heat exchanger. In this paper, pins longitudinal SL and transversal ST distances are chosen as the design variables in different heat exchanger length between 200 and 920 mm. In all calculations a constant value was applied for the ratio of heat flux to the heat exchanger length as  . Results showed that, in all conditions entropy generation number decreased and consequently lead to reduction in pumping power and manufacturing costs.



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