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davar derakhshan

Educational Background

PhD : Shiraz University, Iran, Mechanical Enginnering , 1999-1992
Thesis Title : Continuum-Based Elasto-Plastic and Thermoelastic Large Deformation Analysis by Boundary Element Method
Subject-class : stress analysis & plasticity
Supervisor : Ghodratollagh Karami

M.Sc : Shiraz University, Iran, Mechanical Engineering , 1992-1989
Thesis Title : Adaptive Mesh Generation in Finite Element Method
Subject-class : Stress and Numerical Analysis
Supervisor : Mohammad Hassan Kadivar

B.Sc : Sharif University of Technology, Iran, Mechanical Engineering , 1987-1983
Thesis Title : Ploting of Shear Stress and Bending Moment Diagrams of Beams and one span-one floor frames by Graphical computer.
Subject-class : Strength of Material and program-writing of pc computers
Supervisor : Hossien Kargarnovin



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