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Hassan Hosseini-Monfared

Educational Background

PhD : Shiraz University, Iran, Inorganic Chemistry , 1998-1994
Thesis Title : Olefin epoxidation with hydrogen peroxide catalyzed by a water soluble Mn-porphyrins and non-heme systems. Sabbatical: Jan. – Sep.2005, Institut fuer Anorganische und Analytische Chemie Universitaet Freiburg, Freiburg, Germany Sabbatical: 20
Subject-class : Catalytic oxidation by heme and non-heme catalysts
Supervisor : Prof. Daryosh Mohajer

M.Sc : Teacher Training University, Tehran, Iran, Inorganic Chemistry , 1993-1990
Thesis Title : Preparation and characterisation of [Cu(MAP)]2 , [Ni(MAP)2]2 and MCl3.(THF)3 HMAP=2-(methylamino)pyridine, M=Y, La, Ce, Sm
Subject-class : Coordination compounds synthesis
Supervisor : Prof. Hossein Aghabozorg

B.Sc : Shiraz University, Iran, Chemistry , 1990-1986



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