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vice President of Administrative and Financial

   Dr. Bahram Maleki.

Informing all statutes, rules and bylaws issued by the president of the university to the relevant departments, and track and monitor its correct implementation.   

Formulate regulations and instructions relating to the duties and agenda to suggest assistance to the authorities for approval.

Explanatory reporting to the president of the university about tasks in terms of monitoring.

Recommend qualified people to fill managerial positions, department, and university president.

Monitoring units to ensure the proper performance of their duties.

Cooperation with other departments to proper implementation university programs.

Managing and supervising the implementation of all administrative affairs, support, financial and the university development, according to Approvals, regulations and related bylaws.

. Dealing with performance goals and lead and monitor how workflows and methods implemented in various units In order to create harmony between the activities of different units in line with achieve the executive goals of the university

Determine the status of administrative, financial and human resources through the identification of strengths and limitations in order to determine the problems, the opportunities and threats ahead to determine the strategies to promote to the optimal situation.

Present an explanatory report to the president of the tasks in terms of monitoring.

The formation of committee procedures in order to optimize the system of administrative transactions between subsidiaries with other deputies of the universities.

The establishment of the process of identifying revenues and control over financial cycle in order to prepare the financial management report in order to create financial discipline in the various university departments.

Develop appropriate procedures for implementation of development projects and maintenance of machinery in order to preserve the national capital university campus.

Perform other duties assigned by superiors.


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