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Last Update: 21-11-2022
Scientific societies and student

Ehsan Hariri

                              Phone: 33052845-024

                                               Email: hariri.ehsan@znu.ac.ir


In order to support, strengthen and promote culture and scientific ethics at the universities, boosting the morale and the level of knowledge and empower talented students and providing appropriate scientific collaborative activities, as well as taking advantage of their ability and creativity in realizing scientific development and movement the production and movement of software, student scientific societies various spheres of knowledge with the support of universities and institutions of higher education and scientific research associations in accordance with regulations approved by the Ministry of Science student has been formed.) has increased. This forum every year with the election of the central committee itself up. National Festival of the academic and scientific community programs every year by the Office of Student Associations and the Ministry of Science will be held.
This year, as well as to support and monitor the scientific community action committee, and to benefit from the views and experiences of interested teachers, plan advisors Student Association for Community effected.

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