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Last Update: 18-10-2022
social and cultural clubs

Cultural Centers and Social Affairs:
Cultural, Artistic And Social Centers:

Experts of Social & Cultural centers: Fateme Ghorbani

Tel: 024-33052773

Cultural, artistic, social and religious centers have been established in Zanjan University with the aim of promoting the growth of university student creativity and supporting and guiding this group's activities in order to achieve Islamic-Iranian values ​​and strengthen national identity against western models. . These centers emphasize on strengthening the Iranian-Islamic identity and promoting the spirit of collective cooperation and flourishing the cultural-artistic talents of students. Cultural-artistic centers operate in religious, literary, artistic, intellectual and social fields. The most important annual event of the centers is Roish Festival, which is the most important arena for the emergence of the achievements of the centers in the mentioned fields. This annual festival is held at both academic and national levels by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.
Currently, Zanjan University operates with 16 centers in various cultural, artistic, social, religious and religious fields with the permission of the university's cultural council.

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