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Last Update: 9-1-2021
Informal & Virtual Education Department

Mr. Mohammad Reza Shami

Director of free and virtual training department

Phone number: 024-33052250


The tasks of this unit are to sustain and make public higher education, that those are the basic responsibilities of the ministry of Science, Research and Technology and applications of specialized and applied forms in short runs. These courses are approved by the ministry of Science, Research and Technology and the University of Zanjan but the certificates of them are not formal (associate, bachelor and …or equivalent).

Periods’ goals:

  1. Helping to raise the level of knowledge and culture in the community.
  2. Creating the appropriate base to access higher education.
  3. Developing specialized and applied higher education.
  4. Reducing the social demand of official higher education’s entrance.
  5. Providing continuing education for graduates of the Universities and higher education institution.
  6. Eliminating skill needs of the labor market.


I.Job description director of free courses

  1. Planning and attending short-term training courses’ process in person and specialized and virtual for professors, directors, experts and staff of government and non-government according to studying of needs to enhance the skills and professional knowledge.
  2. Offering specialized workshops appropriate with community’s needs.
  3. General and specialized short-term training courses for foreign nationalities living in Iran under the provisions of the country in person or virtual.
  4. Communicating with other units of the University and governmental and non-governmental sectors for educational needs assessments and determining the type and plan of training periods.
  5. Holding out free training courses that have offered by professors with using facilities of the University.
  6. Cooperation of faculty members and other instructors to perform free training courses.
  7. Preparation of the memorandum and contracts and holding out free training courses in cooperation with the Law office.


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