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Last Update: 10-5-2016
Talented Students Director

Dr. Afshin Tavakoli

Phone number: (+98 )- 024-33052280



Dr Hosein Safari

Director of Talent students unit


Mr. Mohammad Ali Mohammadi


Phone number: 024-33052533


The office of Talented students identifies, supports and guides top students of the University and provides educational facilities for the promotion of their scientific level under the supervision of educational office.

Official organizations of Talented students’ office codifies appropriate with top students’ necessities with coordination of planning and management, then approving by the University’s Trustees Board.

Top students must have one of the following conditions:

  • The winners of the entrance examination with Educational measurement’s introduction.
  • The winners of Scientific Olympiads of the ministry of Education.
  • The winners of the entrance examination with Educational measurement’s introduction.

Duties of Talented students’ office:

  1. Performing and following up implementation of directives and bylaws related to the students.
  2. Following up and monitoring the costs of credits to the talented students.
  3. Increasing Scientific level of students by providing the necessary facilities, such as the formation of class, participation in seminars and workshops.
  4. Providing welfare facilities such as dormitory and scholarships by better conditions.
  5. Providing the condition for students to use information centers and research institution.
  6. Necessary coordination with the Research Department of the University in order to support the implementation of scientific research by the University’s top students.
  7. Appropriate planning to financial and spiritual encourage the students.
  8. Introducing and thanking the students with innovation and broadcasting invention and scientific and cultural innovations.
  9. Other related matters to guide and support talented students.

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