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Last Update: 17-12-2015
Journal of Literary Thought


Quarterly Professional Journal of “Literary Thought”

It is a Quarterly Academic Journal of “Literary Thought” established in 2012. It is published by Persian Language and Literature department on behalf of the University of Zanjan. It has published two of its circulations in autumn and winter 2012. This journal publishes articles on Persian language and literature and also welcomes papers on literature criticism.

Director in Charge: Dr. Amir Moemeni

Editor in Chief: Dr. Mahdi Mohebbati

Executive Director: Dr. Jamileh Akhyani

Scientific and Literary Editor: Dr. Mahdi Kamali

English Editor: Dr. Moharam Eslami



The Editorial Board:

Dr. Fathollah Mojtabayi (Professor, Tehran University)

Dr. Azartash Azarnoush (Professor, Tehran University)

Dr. Charls Melvill (Professor, Cambridge University, UK)

Dr. Leonard Levizen) Associate Professor, Exeter University, UK)

Dr. Bagher Sadrinia (Associate Professor, University of Tabriz)

Dr. Mahdi Mohebati (Associate Professor, University of Zanjan)

Dr. Moharam Eslami (Associate Professor, University of Zanjan)

Dr. Mojtba Bashardoust (Assistant Professor, University of Zanjan)

Dr. Jamileh Akhyani (Assistant Professor, University of Zanjan)

Dr. Farideh Vejdani (Assistant Professor, University of Zanjan)

Dr. Amir Moemeni (Assistant Professor, University of Zanjan)



Email: andishehadabi@znu.ac.ir

Phone: +98-24-33054106, 33054186

Fax: +98-24-32283201

ISSN: 4126-2322

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