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Last Update: 17-9-2023



The Faculty of Humanities library was founded in 1991. Providing Persian, Arabic and Latin books and also Persian journals and organizing them according to international standards, this library tries to fulfill students’ academic needs. The category books of this library, with numeration of Persian, Arabic and Latin ones, are more than 30000.

More than 26000 books are kept in repository section and 4000 in reference section of the library. In the reference section, in addition to books, there are students' theses and also journals. The books and other documents in the reference section cannot be lent out. The users can use them just inside the library. But, the books kept in repository section can be borrowed by the clients.


Library Sections

The library has been divided into various sections that help give services to the users. These sections are as follows:

     1. Technical section

 This section which is known as the “Heart of the Library” is charged with the responsibilities of acquiring information materials and processing them. In this section the information resources are organized and prepared according to the international standards and criteria and are added to the collection of books in the library.


      2. Circulation Section

 All registered members may borrow materials from here. There are also some lending    regulations. BA students can borrow books without a direct access to the repository section. In fact, circulation section is a service section, which deals with the reader’s services.


      3. Reference and Publications

 In this section, users can choose their needed books through searching in the book shelves. The books cannot be lent out. They are used inside the library. Doctoral and master papers are kept in this section.



Rules and Regulations:

  1. Faculty of Humanities library gives services to this faculty students and also academic and administrative staff.
  2. The “loan term” is according to the rules and regulations of the library. This term can be extended if required. There is also possibility for book reservation.
  3. Students can borrow books, submitting their “Student ID Card”.
  4. Doctoral and Master papers cannot be lent out.
  5. Maximum number of loans:
  • For BA students: 2 items
  • For MA students: 5 items
  • For PhD students 7 items

Working Hours: 8 AM- 12 PM, 1:30 PM- 3:30 PM















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