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Memorandum of Understanding betwen the UZ and UrFU
Memorandum of Understanding betwen the University of Zanjan and Ural Federal University (16-4-2024) view

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The International Scientific Cooperation Department has responsibility for the development of international activities ranging from developing links and partnerships with research and higher education institutes and businesses overseas, as well as managing relationships with the administrations responsible for international activities in Iranian institutions. This department offers support and expertise to academic departments through the university to encourage their staff and students to promote their international activities. The department also facilities visa application for the international visitors to the university through the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. ...Read More
Last Update: 10-7-2016
Doctoral Courses - International Students

Faculty of Science
Applied Mathematics
Pure Mathematics- Analysis
Pure Mathematics-Algebra
Pure Mathematics-Graph and Combinatories
Polymer Chemistry
Physical Chemistry
Organic Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry
Physics-Condensed Matter
Physics -Nuclear Physics
Physics -Computational Nano-Physics
Physics-Complex systems
Physics-Statistical Mechanics
Physics-Atomic and Molecular


Faculty of Agriculture
Agricultural Biotechnology
Plant Breeding- Genetics Biometry
Plant Breeding -Molecular Genetics and Genetics Engineering
Crop Physiology
Animal Breeding
Animal Nutrition- Ruminant Nutrition
Animal Nutrition-Poultry Nutrition
Agricultural Extension
Rural Development
Physiology and postharvest technology
Biotechnology and molecular genetics of horticultural plants
Physiology and breeding of medicinal, spices and aromatic plants
Physiology and Breeding of Fruit Trees
Physiology and Breeding of Vegetables
Physiology and breeding of flower and ornamental plant
Plant Pathology (prokaryote)
Plant Pathology (Fungi)
Plant Pathology (Nematology)
Soil Genes and Classification
Soil Chemistry and Fertility
Soil Biology and Biotechnology
Soil Physics and Conservation


Faculty of Engineering
Electrical Engineering-Electronics
Electrical Engineering-Power
Electrical Engineering-Control
Hydraulic Structures Engineering
Highway&Transportation Engineering
Structural Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering
Computer Engineering -Artificial Intelligence
Thermo Fluids Science
Manufacturing Technology (Manufacturing and Production)
Applied (Solid) Mechanics (Stress Analysis, Vibration and dynamics, Control and Robotics)


Faculty of Humanities
Persian Language and Literature
Philosophy&Islamic Theology
Urban Planning and Geography
Climatology-Urban Climatology
Climatology-Climate Change
Climatology-Climate Hazards




























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