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Mohammad Esmaeil Amiri

Publications in Journals

Effects of abscisic acid or ethephon at veraison on the maturity and quality of ‘Beidaneh Ghermez’ grapes
        Journal of Horticultural Science & Biotechnology        84 (6) 660–664    [Abstract ]
International-ISI13.  Esmaeil Fallahi, Bahman Shafi and Mohammad E. Amiri
Bloom and Harvest Dates, Fruit Quality Attributes, and Yield of Modern Peach Cultivars in the Intermountain Western United States
HorTechnologh    October–December 2009 19(4)  [Abstract ]
International12.  M.E. Amiri1,  A. Abbasi and M. Mohammad
Influence of Pollination Methods on Quantity and Quality of Date ( Phoenix dactylifera ‘Kabkab’)
Acta Horticulture  Vol.  932  [Abstract ]
International11.  M.E. Amiria E. Fallahi
Influence of Rootstocks on Scion Growth and Leaf Mineral Content of Apple ( Malus pumila ‘Golden Delicious’ and ‘Red Gala’) Trees
Acta Hort.     vol. 932, ISHS  [Abstract ]
International-ISI10.    Amiri M.E., Fallahi E. and Golchin
Influence of Foliar and Ground Fertilization on Yield, Fruit Quality, and Soil, Leaf, and Fruit Mineral Nutrients in Apple
Journal of Plant Nutrition.    31: 515–525 
International-ISI9.  Mohammad Amiri, Esmaeil Fallahi and M. Seyfi
Influence of Rootstock on Mineral Uptake and Scion Growth of ‘Golden Delicious’ and ‘Royal Gala’ apples
Journal of Plant Nutrition  Volume 36 2012 
International8.   M.E. Amiri and A. Elahinia
Influence of Medium Compositions on Growth of Apple Rootstocks (‘M9’, ‘M27’, ‘MM106’) in In Vitro Condition   
Acta Hort.  Vol. 923, ISHS 2011  [Abstract ]
International7.    Esmaeil Fallahi, Bahar Fallahi (USA), Mohammad Amiri (Iran), Bahman Shafii (USA)
Long-Term Fruit Yield and Quality of Various Gala Apple Strain-Rootstock Combinations under an Evapotranspiration-Based Drip Irrigation System
Fruit, Vegetable and Cereal Science and Biotechnology Volume 5 Special Issue 2 2011  Volume 5 Special Issue 2 2011  [Abstract ]
International-ISI6.  Mohammad E. Amiri* and Someih Gharati   
Influence of medium composition on multiplication of walnut (Juglans regia L.) growth
Journal of Medicinal Plants Research  Vol. 5(xx), pp. xxx-xxx 14 January,  2012   [Abstract ]
International5.  Z.A. Kahrizi, M. Jafarkhani Kermani, M.E. Amiri, S. Vedadi
ISHS Acta Horticulturae  Vol. 923  [Abstract ]
International-ISI4.    Mohammad Mohammad,  Mohammad Esmail Amiri and Younes Sharghi  
 Respond of saffron (Crocus sativus L.) to animal manure application
Journal of Medicinal Plants Research   Vol. 6(7), pp. 1323-1326, 23 February, 2012  [Abstract ]
International3.  Mohammad E. Amiri
Physiological influence of N in preventing of alternate-bearing of pistachio (Pistacia vera cv. Kalleh-ghuchi)
 Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment  Vol.7 (3&4) : 301-305. 2009  [Abstract ]
International-ISI2.    H. Saremi,  M. E. Amiri and J. Ashrafi    
Epidemiological aspects of bean decline disease caused by Fusarium species and evaluation of the bean resistant cultivars to disease in Northwest Iran
  African Journal of Biotechnology    Vol. 10(66), pp. 14954-14961, 26 October, 2011  [Abstract ]
National-ISC1.  Zahra Aghcheh Kahrizi,  Maryam Jafarkhani Kermani, hammad Amiri 2  
   Effect of gamma rays on nuclear DNA content in different rose genotypes
   International Research Journal of Applied and Basic Sciences    Vol., 3 (6), 1155-1160, 2012  [Abstract ]



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