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Last Update: 10-12-2015

Duties and activities

  • Doing all related affairs to the budget preparation of the University.
  • Planning, arranging activities and representation of annual budget in accordance with the priorities of the University.
  • Cooperation with the directors and heads of departments to prepare the budget.
  • Collecting the budget proposed by the various units and evaluating proposed programs and funds.
  • Integration of the proposed budgets in the form of goals and policies of the University.
  • Monitoring the use of funds and assessing the progress of each unit’s operation.
  • Defending proposed budget in committee that concern.
  • Participating in financial and budget decisions.
  • Notification of approved budget and allocating funds in 3 months period to University’s various units.
  • Keeping accounts and offices in terms of budget allocations and program implementation and monitoring budget execution units.
  • Studying and exchanging the detailed budget funds and assets acquisition funds of related ministry.
  • Reviewing and exchanging agreements related to construction activities with vice president of strategic planning and monitoring.


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