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Last Update: 7-7-2019
Director of Planning & Budget and Developing Management


Dr. Mostafa Din Mohammadi

Email address : dinm@znu.ac.ir    dinm78@gmail.com

Personal page : http://www.znu.ac.ir/members/dinmohammadi mostafa.

Phone number : 024-33052ax : 024-32283162



Management period

Doctor Mostafa Din mohammadi

91.07.23 – It is continuing



Management of Budget Planning & and developing

  • Doing all affairs related to the preparation of the budget.
  • Planning, arranging activities and proposing annual budget in accordance with the priorities of the University.
  • Cooperation with the directors and heads of departments for the budget preparetion.
  • Collecting budgets proposed by the various units and evaluating proposed programs of funds.
  • Adjusting proposed budgets in the form of goals of the University.
  • Monitoring credits consumption and assessing the progress of each unit’s action.
  • Defending proposed budget in assistance department.
  • Participating in financial decisions.
  • Imparting approved budget to each unit and allocating fund credits in 3 month period to the University’s units.
  • Keeping account of budget credits’ offices in terms of activity and administrative plans of the University and monitoring units’ budgets.
  • Studying and exchanging the budget and asset acquisition funds of related ministry.
  • Studying and exchanging agreements related to construction activities with association of president.
  • Studying all units of the University in respect of assigned duties.
  • Doing necessary actions about human resources planning that the University needs.
  • Doing necessary actions and studying duties to separate them between various units and preventing combination.
  • Preparing organization charts in accordance with the duties and responsibilities of various units and cooperation of respective units.
  • Study on preparation of job description and duties and also description of organization posts of university’s units and announcing them to units after approving.
  • Studying units’ offers about modifying organizational posts and duties and preparing reports and try to eliminate organizational problems.
  • Doing some research projects related to restructuring of organizational structure.
  • Preparing necessary statistics about performances, ingredients of units and the University.
  • Preparing necessary statistics about performances, ingredients of units and the University (budget and personality), present them to the President of the University to survey them.
  • Active participation in councils, committees and comment on related issues.
  • Planning for continuous improvement in management and increasing productivity in teaching, research and technology with regard to merit, innovation, creativity and increased participation and organizational flexibility.
  • Performing other duties which are assigned by superiors.

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