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Last Update: 10-12-2023

Duties and activities

  • Continued studying organizational functions and performances according to the development plan of the University.
  • Organizational studies for plans of developing human resources.0
  • Continued studying about organization and duties of units to plan and divide duties between units and avoid duplication and overlapping functions of the University.
  • Preparing organizational charts (organization) and preparing organizational posts in accordance with duties and responsibilities of units of the University in cooperation with the relevant department.
  • Studying on preparation of job descriptions of units and also duties of organizational posts and announce them to various units’ approval.
  • Studying unit’s offers about modified organization posts and duties and preparing necessary reports and doing necessary actions to solve organization problems.
  • Preparing required statistics about activities, staff and affiliated units of the University (personal and budget) in order to accurately comment on management of the University.
  • Active participation in councils, committees and commenting affiliated issues.
  • Planning for continuous improvements of management and increasing productivity in teaching, research and technology with regard to innovation, creativity and increase participation and organizational flexibility.
  • Planning and supervising design, optimization and adopting management of developmental plans in higher education.
  • Preparing research related projects restructure and the organizational structure, personal structure, cultural organization, systems and methods which are using in the University.
  • Carrying out research projects to determine the necessary activities to amend the internal rules of University with the aim of simplifying and harmonizing them.
  • Planning and supervising the systems, methods and procedures in University’s actions and conducting necessary activities in order to improve them with the aim of increasing the satisfaction of employees and clients, compliance with the new needs of doing things facilitate.                                                                                         Conducting other duties assigned by superior.


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