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Last Update: 24-8-2022
Monitoring and Evaluation Director




Email address : vaezi.alireza@znu.ac.ir

Personal website : http://www.znu.ac.ir/members/vaezi-alireza

Phone number : 024-33052852

Fax : 024-32282319


Management period

Doctor Shahrousvand

92.01.17 – 94.01.25

Doctor Seyed Hossein Mir Mousavi

94.01.26 – 401.5.31


Management of supervising and assessment



  • Implementation of council’s ground rules for monitoring and evaluating high education.
  • Collecting data and required statistics in monitoring and evaluating purposes of council in high education and analyzing data and classified information about it and report to the monitoring and evaluation council.
  • Cooperation with monitoring and evaluating departments sent by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.
  • Reporting the quality of education, research, cultural, administrative,… of the University on the patterns that have set by the high educational monitoring and evaluating council and giving them to the President of the University to reflect them to the Ministry of science, research and technology at the end of each semester.
  • Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of educational activities, research, cultural, administrative and effectiveness of the programs according to set indices.
  • Collecting and announcing necessary suggestions in order to improve quality of educational, research, cultural, performances and … in the University.
  • Coordination and communication between monitoring and evaluating council and monitoring and evaluating management of the University.
  • Evaluating teaching methods of professors of the University and trying to choose the best method of teaching for all fields by student’s completion questionnaires and surveying strength and graduates at the University.
  • Evaluating and approved monitoring of plans related to the University’s monitoring and evaluating.
  • Studying educational status, research and welfare of professors of the University and finding factors that have effects on quality of education.
  • Studying and evaluating continued function of educational and research departments, faculties, research centers and the other departments of the University and reporting to the department and other relevant units of the University.
  • Evaluation of problems and barriers of quality growth of education and research in the University and announcing appropriate ideas to improve and increase quality level of education and research of the University.
  • Communication with authentic Universities of the world and knowing the method of efforts and new consequences in monitoring and evaluating and using in the best way of them.
  • Monitoring and evaluation management activities with coordinating relevant department.
  • Courses and workshops for Professors, administrators and experts to improve the quality of educational, research, cultural, administrative, functions and educational management with coordination of various departments.
  • Necessary studying basis on educational change development and announcing suggestions to educational assistance and master education and research and technology in the University.
  • Producing required regulations and guidelines according to relating fields.
  • Supervision on performance of the mid-term and final exams.
  • Monitoring the implementation of all laws and regulation of the University and reporting infractions to the President of the University or related assistant.
  • Regular monitoring and evaluating activities related to all Universities in province.
  • Performing all tasks in the field of monitoring and evaluation by superior.







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