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Last Update: 25-5-2024
About the faculty



Faculty of Science of The University of Zanjan was launched in the academic year of 1990 with the establishment of Pure Chemistry as an undergraduate course, admitting 44 students and 6 full-time faculty members. Afterwards, it continued  admitting students in such undergraduate courses as Chemistry Techers Training Program, Physics Techers Training Program, Mathematics Techers Training Program, Geology, Biology, as well as Pure Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics, along with Applied Mathematics and Chemistry (both government funded or tuition-paying modules) at Undergraduate level . The fields of Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics began offering postgraduate programs in Master’s and Ph.D. Programs, in Master’s degree in 1994 and 2000, respectively. In 2001, another Ph.D. program was offered in Mineral Chemistry. Currently, the Faculty of Sciences is comprised of seven departments or 27 fields of study in the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree, in total. There are 112 full-time faculty members in this Faculty .Currently, the overall number of students in this faculty amounts 1733 with  500 male, and 1233 female students. The faculty boasts 26 laboratories, Natural history museum of The University of Zanjan, an Internet-provided computer lab equipped with required software packages, where ICDL courses are held.


Academic areas and fields within the Faculty of Science








 Environmental Sciences



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