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Last Update: 9-12-2015
Duties of Hygiene Center

Objectives and tasks of the University’s hygiene center

General practitioner

  1. Visiting patients.
  2. In case of need sending patients out to more equipped center.
  3. Performing necessary proceedings to protect new semester’s students’ health in each term.
  4. Completing health forms of physical education for students that are sent to tournaments.

General Dentist

  1. The initial auscultating by the dentist and determining the time to do necessary proceedings.
  2. Restoration of teeth with amalgam.
  3. Restoration of teeth with composite.
  4. Endodontic
  5. Sculling
  6. Bandaging
  7. Extraction (EXT)
  8. Radiography.

Nursing services

  1. Injections.
  2. Dressing.
  3. Serum therapy.
  4. ECG

Emergency services

  1. Relief the patients who has suffered in the University.
  2. Transfer the patients who has damaged in the University and can’t go to health center by him or herself.
  3. Transfer patients to equipped center.

Environmental health services

Guarding food safety through:

  1. Reviewing all units of producing and distributing food.
  2. Proctoring the worker’s hygiene, who prepare and distribute food.
  3.  Extoling awareness of worker’s hygiene and keeping food.
  4. Supervising public places hygiene like: gyms, dormitories, stores bakeries, self service restaurant, buffets, kindergarten, swimming pool and…
  5. Supervising garbage’s excreting.

The related affairs to students’ insurance

  1. Contracting with insurance companies to cover all students’ event insurance.
  2. Introducing the affected students for companies.
  3. Collecting documents of students’ who demand health insurance.
  4. Introducing students’ demand of internship to approved organizations, companies, factories, by the University to use event insurance when incident occurs.

Other related factors to medical problems of the University include:

  1. Forming medical commission to confirm medical certificates.
  2. Forming policy council of academics’ health.


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