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Last Update: 9-12-2015
Introducing of Hygiene Center

 Hygiene and Therapy Center of the University


Life time with health care

Definition of health care:


Hygiene, Science and methods of disease prevention, extending the average of human life, improving physical health, mental and sociality. Hygiene propounding in individual and social moods, totally hygiene’s purpose is providing conditions for personal and social welfare and all related activities to disease prevention.

World health organization defines hygiene in this case: Hygiene is improvement of physical, psychological and social health care and totally hygiene is not only limited to the absence of disease or lack of defects.

Therapy, all of activities to refer health for the conditions that mental and physical disease has occurred eliminating the factors effecting the average of life human life time by offering some appropriate facilities.

According to above said subjects, the health care center exhibits essential medical facilities. The health care center’s services are as listed cases.

  • General practitioner services
  • Dental services
  • Nursing services
  • The emergency services
  • Affairs related to students‘  medical problems.

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