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Last Update: 9-12-2015
Introduction of Council Center

Center introduction

Facing different issues in the individual life, familial, social, educational, religious, legal and … with dissatisfaction feeling, confusion, anxiety, frustration and helplessness. All of us have found out with experience that we aren’t able to solve all of our problems and organizing various life issues; sometimes we need our family or friends guidance but getting professional help is better to control and solving faster the problem faster by providing less error.

Entering University and being student, because of main changes in person’s life, usually produce tension and sometimes lack of protection resources create some crisis for the student.

Mental hygiene and counseling center of the University of Zanjan affiliated with the ministry of counseling central office of student assistance; All the services of this part are totally specialized and specific to students, central statute including offices, individual counselling and a seminar room for workshops’ holding.

The activities of counselling center has divided to 2 participates, in the part of counselling and therapy, Psychological specialists are ready to help clients to achieve better mental qualification, this services perform in face to face qualification.

There are some other services such as complication and publication of brochures, CDs, book, booklet, workshops and seminars in the mental hygiene unit.

Objectives of the center:

  1. Reducing students’ mental problems (of being away from family, friends and the previous qualification  with diminish the family controls, thereupon being with friends and dormitories, different educational situation from the past, youth period and coeducational qualification) and helping students to adapt with the University ( including classes, exams, friends, professors, employees by providing psychological assistance.
  2. Prevention of psychological and educational probable problems in the future.
  3. Reducing different problems with financial and therapeutic and … assistances.
  4. Aid to decision in the educational, marriage, employment and … fields.
  5. Primary prevention to reduce psychological programs through workshops, holding lectures, publications, books, conferences, camps, CDs, brochures to increase awareness and skills. Identifying and interfering students who are at risk of suicide.
  6. Identifying students that are in risk with presence of adviser in dormitories and hygiene center.
  7. Prevention to increase neurosis with changing dormitory and forming sports’ classes with propounding in specific affairs’ committee.

Different services of counseling center

  • Group psychotherapy
  • Workshop
  • Aids and supportive services
  • Research

Frequently asked questions

  • Who is counselor?
  • What happens in counseling session?
  • What kind of problems counseling  helps to solve?
  • Is the counselor’s information secret?

Who is the counselor?

A team of trained and experienced counselors to assist people with a wide range of problems? This team of experienced advisers including psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors.

What happens in counseling session?

Advice doesn’t mean counseling, adviser helps people to concentrate about your difficulties and anxieties to get clear understanding of them. The role of counseling is supporting, understanding, listening, responding without judgment and criticism, they respect to your lifestyle and believing. They help you to know your feelings and identifying something underlying current problems. They can assist you in your decisions, choices or changes that are in your favorite.


What kind of problems counseling  helps to solve?

Counselors  help to solve personal, communicative, identity, problems including stress, anxiety and depression, relationship and family problems and sexual and identity problems. Counselors also help to solve some problems such as adopting to a new culture, dealing with difficult situations, decisions and hard choices like addiction.

Don’t wait growing up the problems, please prefer to meet us soon when your problems are not serious yet, so we can solve your problems more quickly.

So many people benefit these services, for example in year 2006, there were about 13000 advice sessions for students and staff.

The confidentiality of advice

All your speeches in first session are confidential but in sometimes your health is in risk, we let us tell someone to help you, if you have question about it call us.



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