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Last Update: 29-8-2023
Student Affairs Office


 Mehdi Amanlou

Tel: 024-33052431, 024-33052771

Fax: 024-32283254



Duties of Students affairs' Office:

  • Recieving letters, papers and other correspondence and recording the summary of specification in the official otomation and pursuing from the proper authorities.
  • Setting up a list of meeting applicants with the vice President of Students' affairs.
  • Regulating meetings and fraction appointed by the vice President of students' affairs and notifying participants.
  • Imparting issued orders to the concerned persons and agancies and subordinate units in the specified line.
  • Doing the necessary measures in the field of phone communication of the vice President of ssssstudents' affairs with inside and outside of the province.
  • Creating a database of the organization chart and administrative and units' tasks to facilitate the implementation of corporate communications.
  • Following up activities and reporting to the vice President of students' affairs.
  • Performing other related matters as directed by the superior officer.
  • The director of selecting talented students of the University of Zanjan.




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