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Mehrdad Soltani

مهرداد سلطانی، مهدی مقیمی
آسیب شناسی کالبدی تردد پیاده و راهکار های استفاده بهینه از فضای پیاده رو در شهر های ایران
A damage study on the pedestrian routs and the use of public spaces of Iranian cities

Numerous advantages of urban pedestrian life and the need to implement this are now evident. Nowadays, many urbanism theories are focused on physical and semantic aspects of public spaces, especially car-free concourses and pedestrian routes. Now the question is how suitable the sidelines of the streets are for walking and whether their real potential has been utilized. This research works on the effects of poor design quality, lack of compliance between building ground floors and the road, complications by the careless construction at the sidelines of the streets and due damages that reduce the possibility of optimal use of the sidewalks. In addition, the research aims to find out local solutions for Iranian cities by a comparative study of domestic and international experiences.



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