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Masoud Arghavani

Mohsen Kafi, Masoud Arghavani, Ahmad Khalighi, Roohangiz Naderi
The effect of culture media and sod netting materials on seed germination rate, shoot density and amount of weeds in sod production
اثر نوع بستر و شبكه‌هاي كاشت روی سرعت تندش بذر،تراکم چمن ومیزان علف هرز در توليد چمن فرش

In sodding method, seed germination rate and sod quality are affected by culture media and sod netting materials.In this research the effectes of three culture media (clay, 10: 1v/v mixture of fine sand / palm waste and 10:1v/v mixture of fine sand / mushroom compost) and four sod nething materials (plastic mesh, kenaf- based mat, palm fiber and a control) on seed germination rate, turf shoot density and amount of weed / m2,were studied at experimental station of Horticultural Department, University of Tehran in 2001 . Expriment was conducted as a 3×4 factorial in a Complete Randamised Design with 12 treatments with 3 replications.Turfs used in this trial was sport type consisted of Lolium prene cv. Taya (40%), Poa pratensis cv. Wembly (30%) and cv. Sobra (10%) and Festuca rubra cv. Diego (20%).Results showed that in clay bed, germination rate was significantly less than sand mixes. Application of palm fiber increased germination rate in all treatments.Clay bed and also  palm fiber netting system showed more weeds significantly. Clay and fine sand- palm waste media showed the highest and lowest shoot density respectively.Palm fibers as netting increased shoot density.



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