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Masoud Arghavani

Masoud Arghavani, Mohsen Kafi, Ahmad Khalighi, Roohangiz Naderi
The effect of various culture media and netting on some sod quality traits
اثر بستر و شبكه‌هاي مختلف كاشت بر برخي از صفات كيفي چمن‌ قطعه ای

The effects of three media including: clay soil, mixture of fine sand / palm waste ( 10:1 V/V) and mixture of fine sand /spent mushroom compost ( 10:1 V/V) with three sod nettings including:  plastic mesh, gunny hemp, palm fiber and control (without net) on growth rate, root density, amount of chlorophyll and weight and strength of sod pieces were investigated in Agricultural faculty of Tehran university in two years(2001 and 2002). Turf used was sport types and mixture four types of seed including: Lolium prenne cv. ‘Taya’ (40%), Poa pratensis cv. ‘Wembly’ (30%) and cv. ‘Sobra’ (10%) and Festuca rubra cv. ‘Diego’ (20%). Experiment was conducted as a factorial based on Complete Randomized Design with 12 treatments and 3 replications. Results showed that growth rate, leaf chlorophyll and sod weight in clay bed was more than sand mixes and in 1% level the difference among them was significant. While root volume and sod strength in sand beds was more than clay beds. Application of palm fiber netting increased growth rate, root volume and leaf chlorophyll. Sod with plastic netting had the most strength.



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