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Mehrdad Soltani

مهرداد سلطانی
زیبایی ایرانی در آندلس،  تاثیر پذیری هنر باغ سازی آندلس از باغ ایرانی
Persian beauty in Andalusia:  The impression of Persian gardening art on Andalusian gardens

Andalusian gardening in the Islamic era owes its existence to Islamic and eastern prevailing attitudes and practices as well as Iranian gardens and Islamic architectural style. These gardens showcase the mutual interaction of eastern and western style countering natural, indigenous and climatic parameters in a way that they are known as a distinct and unique style. Following the travel programs to Spain, an opportunity of researching on garden and Islamic Andalusian gardens was quite pleasurable. Since the information about different aspects of this style of gardening is provided in written documents and also on the internet, this research is aimed to discuss different aspects of Andalusian gardening considering the approach of perception of personal space. The effective factors in the structure of Andalusian gardens includes a wide range of information considers the main structure and the whole geometry and the Andalusian garden spaces in a holistic view as well as geometric components and garden morphology on the other hand. The collected information will provide an overall view to the concept of structures and forms in the Andalusian gardening in the Islamic period. Although the result of this research in which the written documents are not used directly may include some drawbacks, it can provide different aspects of the art of space organization in Andalusian gardens and be used along other written documents for architects and designers. This paper aims to discuss the form and structures of Andalusian gardens and introduces the geometrical and structural factors of this type of gardening as a hypothesis and tries to prove them in the proceeding. This research claims that Andalusian gardens generally do not obey an orderly geometry, they are affected by their contexts; this contextual totality is formed by geometrical parts which have created complete geometrical space. The significant factors of Andalusian gardens which make them unique among their peers are discussed in the following. This research refers to these factors as “ micro space structure ”. The garden space is a coherent combination of small and dependent spaces which are set in the larger integrated system while having their own characteristic. Thus the whole structure of the garden is created through the combination of small and dependent parts which is in full adaption to the totality of the garden. These spaces include the court and their adjacent spaces which obey rectangular and geometrical rules. Although discussing the quality and the factors of micro space system formation was not the main goal of research, five hypotheses are discussed along describing the effective factors in Andalusian gardens.



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