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Mahdi Hariri

Mahdi Hariri, Shahriar b.shokouhi
Possibility of Spoof Attacks against Robustness of Multibiometric Authentication Systems

Multibiometric systems have been recently developed in order to overcome some weaknesses of single biometric authentication systems, but security of these systems against spoofing has not received enough attention. In this paper, we propose a novel practical method for simulation of possibilities of spoof attacks against a biometric authentication system. Using this method, we model matching scores from standard to completely spoofed genuine samples. Sum, product, and Bayes fusion rules are applied for score level combination. The security of multimodal authentication systems are examined and compared with the single systems against various spoof possibilities. However, vulnerability of fused systems is considerably increased against spoofing, but their robustness is generally higher than single matcher systems. In this paper we show that robustness of a combined system is not always higher than a single system against spoof attack. We propose empirical methods for upgrading the security of multibiometric systems, which contain how to organize and select biometric traits and matchers against various possibilities of spoof attack. These methods provide considerable robustness and present an appropriate reason for using combined systems against spoof attacks.



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