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Seyed Hossein Mirmousavi

 دکتر سعید جهانبخش-دکتر بهروز ساری صراف- دکتر احمد فاخری فرد- سید حسین میرموسوی
 زمينه سازي براي كاربست مدلهاي تابع انتقال جهت پيش بيني بارندگي در منطقه تبريز
 Preparation The Ground To Use Transfer Function Models In Numerical Prediction of Precipitation In Tabriz Region

 In this study, one introduce a class of discrete linear transfer function models which are used to represent dynamic situation that usually occur. In this type of model, prediction of pairs of observation at the interval with equal length related to one input and one output of a dynamic system is available. In this study, the nature of transfer function model, primary identification, estimation of parameters and inspection of the model are examined, and a computer program for the calculations related to the estimation of parameters has been presented. Prediction of annual precipitation of Tabriz rigion has been taken into account as a case study by using its relationship with other parameters such as temperature, humidity and pressure with application of simple and multi-input linear transfer models. Key Words:Transfer Function Model, Precipitation, Prediction, Cross Correlation‚Tabriz.



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