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Seyed Hossein Mirmousavi

 دکتر سعید جهانبخش- دکتر بهروز ساری صراف- دکتر احمد فاخری فرد- سید حسین میرموسوی
 کاربرد مدل های تابع انتقال خطی در بررسی نوسانات پارامترهای اقلیمی مطالعه موردی ایستگاه تبریز
 Application of Models of Linear Transfer Functions for Examination of Climate Factors Fluctuation Case Study :Tabriz Station

  One of the efficient methods in studying climatic variations is analysis of time series in the form of climatic modeling. Whereas the climatology data has the effect ofAuto-correlation and trend, in the studying of fluctuations of climatic parameters such as temperature and precipitation for determining variance rate and contrasting of observed changes during the statistical period, the effect of these Auto correlations should be considered.In the models of time series, the subject has been considered properlyIn this paper the trend of regional climatic fluctuations of the Tabriz synoptical station based on the monthly amounts of temperature and precipitation have been studied.For this purpose time series analysis method and linear transferfunction model have been used. The main advantages of the used method   which is using the predicted factors solely is using of the other parameters which are correlated to the parameters being studied. Key Words : Transfer functions model ,Temperature and precipitation , prediction , Cross correlation.



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