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Jafar Ghazanfarian

Book Title: Modern Online Learning Tools over the Platform of Virtual/Augmented Reality

In this chapter we are to develop the idea of using online virtual reality (OVR) or online augmented reality (OAR) concepts for redesigning academic laboratory equipment or any kind of virtual classes to enhance the efficiency of learning process. One of the main advantages of OVR is the interactions of students with each other from different locations. In the framework of the OVR lab, students are beyond the physical limitations. In virtual classroom environments similar to the real classrooms, one can walk in and see auxiliary objects made by the teacher to improve the learning efficiency. The VR setup provides the opportunity for surgeons to have a realistic picture of post-operation. In the subject of interior design, students can easily change and select various elements including the texture, color levels, the context, lights, shadows, and location of various apparatus. A questionnaire was set to get feedbacks from the students with very much positive result. The virtual world can get more and more similar to the reality.



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