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Majid Meghdadi

مرضیه ثامنی , مجید مقدادی
مدل سازی پارامترهای مؤثر در خوشه بندی به منظور بهبود مصرف انرژی پروتکل های شبکه های حسگر بی سیم با استفاده از شبکه های بیزین
The Modeling of Effective Clustering Parameters in order to Improve the Energy Consumption of Wireless Sensor Networks by using Bayesian Networks

Today, with regards to advances in the field of wireless communications technology and electronic components manufacture industry development, the use of wireless sensor networks is growing vastly. One of the important issues in these networks are discussed, that is optimization the energy consumption and increasing the lifetime of the network. Divide the nodes in the clusters to provide these goals. Clustering protocols in wireless sensor networks are classified based on their clustering parameters and each of these protocols have specific energy consumption. This energy consumption can be reviewed on the base of the clustering parameters that are used by protocols. In this paper, we created the modeling of the effective clustering parameters by using of Bayesian networks and reviewed The impact of each of those parameters in energy consumption improvement. This model can use in order to provide more efficient protocols for improving energy efficiency in wireless sensor networks.



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