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Majid Meghdadi

وحید  نژادمحمودآبادی  وحید عبدالملکی و مجید مقدادي
پنهان نگاری اطلاعات محرمانه به روش جانشانی جایگشت بیت کم ارزش
LSB Substitution Steganography with Bit Permutation in 32-bit Bitmap Images

In this paper, a method for hiding data by LSB Substitution in 32-bit images is proposed. By applying a Bit Permutation to the LSB Substitution method, the  onfidentiality of the information which is embedded in stego-image can be greatly improved. With this method the position of every bit of information in stego image is specified by a key. The mean-square-error and peak-signal-to-noise-ratio between the stego-image and the original image are presented. Also, the  xperimental results show a significant improvement in confidentiality with respect to the LSB Substitution alone.



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