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Majid Meghdadi

Mojtaba Mansouri , Majid Meghdadi , Reza Askari Moghaddam
Achieving High-Dependability Optimal Multicast in Wireless Mesh Networks  
دستیابی به قابلیت اطمینان بالا ی چندپخشی بهینه در شبکه های بی سیم مش

Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs) form a recent class of networks that has appeared lately. Multicasting is the transfer of information or messages to multiple destination hosts at the same time and over wireless mesh networks is an essential communication function and also a challenging aim. Because WMNs are used as wireless backbones in a characteristic manner, they have the nature that the wireless communication isn't dependable. Hence, it is important to defend them versus link or node failures. Distributing data utilizing multicast in an undependable network doesn't assure trustworthy delivery, which is the major necessity for many significant applications. In this paper, we design a highdependability optimal multicast protocol called HDMesh based on minimum-delay route trees for WMNs. The proposed protocol, HDMesh, uses a local repair mechanism based on a failure occurrence prediction mechanism, which intends to decrease the control overhead and obtain fast repair before route breakage happens. The new local repair mechanism is more adaption to the real WMNs. Mathematical analysis and simulation results demonstrate that the HDMesh protocol  works in an efficient and dependable manner for WMNs and network performance can be improved in an important manner.



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