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Seifpanahi Shabani Jabar

جبار سیف پناهی شعبانی
بررسی، شناسایی و رتبه بندی موانع درآمدزایی باشگاه های فوتبال ایران
Investigation, Reconnaissance and Ranking of Barriers of Generating Revenue in Iranian Football Clubs

The purpose of this research was to investigation, reconnaissance and ranking of barriers of generating revenue in Iranian football clubs. The method of the research was mixed and the needed data were obtained from the library studies, interviews with experts and questionnaire. The statistical population consisted all of people who worked in football federation, football clubs and universities in the field of sport marketing. Sampling in the interviews stage was theoretically and interviews continued until saturation point, also in the Distribution of the questionnaire stage sample was all statistical population. In order to analyze the quantitative data, we used inferential statistics including Friedman test. Totally 21 barriers Reconnaissance and ranked base on importance by Friedman test. Iranian Football Clubs could be increase them Generating Revenue with remove these barriers.



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